Have you ever felt like this?

Since 2008 I’ve worked with senior management in ad agencies, digital marketing agencies, T.V. companies and at tech start-ups. Here are some of the things I’ve heard from my clients and how I’ve helped them

My start-up is growing and I need help with taking it to the next level without burning out or losing key staff

    • I’m the visionary but all I seem to do is firefighting. What can I do?
    • I don’t feel like I’ve got enough hours in the day. I am already burning out and I’m only in my 30s
    • I know I need to hand over day to day operations but I don’t trust my management team to carry out my vision
    • I am losing my best people. Can you help me?
    • I have a very young staff and they need help with leadership and managing teams

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Staff turnover rates are rising and my team is miserable and disengaged

    • Employees keep resigning because our managers can’t manage
    • We’re struggling to manage workloads and resultant stress levels
    • We have communication problems and culture clashes
    • Our business continuity strategy calls for management training and development, but we haven’t sourced either
    • Performance is low, even from our stars – what can we do?
    • Our managers find it hard to delegate and to step back to see the bigger picture
    • Team goals, purpose and roles are unclear. How can we make things better?

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I’m performing well and I’m ambitious, but I need some support to reach my potential

    • I didn’t get that promotion I wanted. How can I get it in the bag next time?
    • I’ve got an exciting new role with a great title, but I don’t have the skills to do it and I’m panicking
    • My work life balance is 100% work and 0% life. Help!
    • My time management skills are non-existent – what can I do?
    • Every time I get bad feedback I crumble. I’d like to be more resilient
    • I’m terrible at dealing with conflict, and with difficult people, and it’s causing me problems
    • I’m very successful and earn great money but don’t know why I’m doing it any more

Find out more about working with me, and my approach and tools, or contact me.