My coaching approach

marker_pen_pencil_eraser_KAG5755_600pxTo improve your and your employees’ leadership style, increase performance, build resilience and create sustainable change, I use a powerful combination of Co-Active Coaching, Neuroscience and Somatics.

Co-Active Coaching addresses who the person is being as well as their behaviours, so it’s great for working with leaders around the impact they want to have in the workplace. I will:

    • ask powerful questions, mirror back any potential self-sabotage or unwelcome patterns of behaviour
    • challenge you all to think deeper and further than you ever have
    • help you deal with the blocks and fears that have prevented progress to the next level

Together we’ll disrupt outmoded behaviours and ways of thinking, replacing them with new ones that will serve you now; empowering you and your team to be the best leaders you can all be.

Harnessing the power of neuroscience though NeuroCoaching we’ll uncover why you and your staff behave the way you do, what’s happening in your brains when you act, and the significant impact of stress on the brain. You’ll make the changes though coaching; understanding why some behaviours and habits don’t stick – and learning the secret behind making sure your new ones do.

Using Somatics (meaning ‘of the body’) we’ll anchor your new thoughts and behaviours in your body so we get lasting change – not quick fixes that only last a couple of months.

Whatever you want to achieve I will help you identify your main strengths and development needs based on your key skills. Together we’ll create an action and accountability-focused plan to encourage you and your employees to improve specific skills and practices in a positive and sustainable way. Work with me and you and your staff will become powerful and effective leaders, more productive, happier and more fulfilled at work and at home – permanently.